Pitch and Interview Tips

Tips for Live- & Pre-recorded Pitches and Interviews.

Keep it short and sweet – practice it! Most pitches are 60 seconds. Don't create too many slides, 6 max! Time it beforehand, practice it in the mirror or with a fellow student.

Reduce noise πŸ“£ Make sure you're in a space with little background noise or echo. Sitting in a closet or cupboard sometimes helps πŸ˜…

Reduce distraction πŸ’ƒ Create an environment that focuses on you: sit yourself in a space with a "clean" background behind you. Just make sure it isn't distracting.

Light your face πŸ™πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ”¦β˜€οΈ Make sure we can see your face well. Light your face; not your back – always face windows & lights.

Look at us πŸ‘€ Look in the camera, so it feels like you're looking at us!

Use a good mic πŸŽ™ Use a good microphone, that is preferably not your laptop's microphone. - option A, for pre-recorded videos: Connect your phone as a mic (you can connect your video too!), and keep it close to you; as if you're talking to someone on videochat. Try out different positions to avoid "pops" in your voice. - option B, for live videos: use the microphone of your earbuds or headphones. Try all of them! It'll work better than your laptop's mic, as it is closer to your mouth.

🎢 Do not just grab any music – copyright may be applied, and you would have to pay for it ;-). Open source is the way to go! Ask for ideas and resources on Discord.

Position yourself like a pro πŸ†(for pitches and vlogging) Use the golden ratio to position yourself in front of the camera https://photographyhero.com/golden-ratio-photography/#:~:text=What%20is%20the%20Golden%20Ratio,art%20from%20paintings%20to%20architecture. Make sure you look "in the screen", into empty space next to you, not outside of the video.

No video editing software? No problem! (for pitches and vlogging) Go for it. 1 take. Practice. Go for not too perfect 😏

Energy! ⚑️for everyone Breathe in.. stretch.. take up space... smile. Bring your best energy.

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