Discord etiquette

Help your fellow participants have the best experience they can while communicating at osoc

Add a picture of yourself

During a remote edition, a picture does a lot! To help get to know and recognize each other, we suggest you add a picture of yourself.

If you're already using Discord to engage with other communities, but would rather not have your picture in them, you can make an account for osoc specifically.

Set your nickname to your full name

This makes you easier to recognize, and makes things a little more personal. You can set different nicknames for different servers specifically, so this information stays within the osoc server.

Post in the right channels

Most channels describe what they're for. Post everything related to your specific project in its channel.

Keep things "safe for work"

As mentioned in the Code of Conduct, messages & content that contain violence, hate, racism, nudity, pornography, profanity, gore, or anything else considered unwelcome in a work environment, have no place in the osoc communication channels.

Use @ mentions sparingly

Most people have notifications for mentions on. If something isn't urgent or you're not replying to someone's message, use @ sparingly. Discord tends to be open during work, and unnecessary notifications will distract from working flow.

Mute your microphone when you're not speaking

When in a voice channel - mute your microphone when you're not actively talking. This helps reduce background noises from fans, busy streets, and excited family members or roommates :).

You can also enable push to talk, which makes sure your microphone is only activated when you press a key.

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