What type of projects will I be working on?

We have a wide range of interesting projects — from NPO's to universities, and from startups to big corporates. But they all have to be open source. Take a look last year's edition of Belgium.

There are three main types of projects:


The client has a clear idea in mind about the end result and the end user of the application. In that case the students will get the ball rolling during osoc.

Proof of concept

The client has pretty solid idea, but it still requires some finetuning. The client might be uncertain about the feasibility of a certain idea, concept or solution. In this case the students can provide some clarity by providing a new proof of concept. The students will exercise some creative freedom and will spend some time ideating.


A client might not have specific guidelines or preferences? They might want the #osoc experience, but they're not sure about the expected end result. The students can take the lead and surprise the client with their creativity, enthusiasm and skills!


We try our best to pair the right coach with the right project. You have a say in this a couple of months before osoc starts. Your job is to coach the team, to guide them to do a good job. You're not supposed to do their job — but it does help if you have some prior knowledge when it comes to the subject or the skills needed to complete the project. So do let us know what type of projects you like and what you're good at besides coaching (which is your primary skill).

You'll be working on one or two projects, alone or with an other coach, depending on the size of the project and your availability. See Half-time or full-time under attend.

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