Student Coaches

Students aspiring to coach or that want to extend their skill-set.

Yay, you're a student coach! This means you've been part of Osoc for a while, or you had experience with projects outside of Osoc. We're so happy to have you!

This is a nice opportunity to extend your skill-set. Student coaches are aimed to become the next generation of coaches, see this role as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the relevant aspects of the project development.

As a student coach, you take on more responsibility than your fellow participant;

Tldr; Most of you have done osoc before, you know how awesome it can be :). Help the others have the best edition they possibly can, and communicate often and transparently!

You are the link between your team and your coach. Chances are you will interact more with your team than your coach will, so you are better positioned to feel when things aren't going according to plan, morale is low, or the team needs extra help. Transparent & honest communication to your coach/the coordination team is key here.

A Unique Position

Because you are someone that understands what it is to be a student and a coach, you have the unique position to mediate concerns and ideas between both parties. Use this position wisely 😇!

Have Your Coach's Back

You might be part of a team with a coach that is not available all the time. This means, when that coach is not around, you'll be responsible to motivate the team and help them out.

Because you have some more experience, we recommend going around and share the knowledge you have with other teams. You'll get to expand our network and meet new people, and help out others.

The Other Half

Many of you are student coach of a team where your skills are complementary to those of the coach. You're a designer and your coach is development focused? Don't be afraid to take the lead on design coordination and decisions (as a unified front of course).

Give & Ask

You actively try to help people out in the help channels and open yourself up to @Consulting mentions via #start-consulting. Not all the time of course, but when you're having a less busy time with your team. Aim for an hour a day.

If you need assistance yourself, ideas or guidance; reach out to other (student) coaches!

Fika for all

If you have the time, try to make it to the Fika moments. These are small gatherings of your fellow student coaches and the coaches, to discuss how everything is going and to learn from each other. It also serves as a break from work!

The Advocate

You embody the osoc values and code of conduct. Try to suggest open solutions wherever possible and pragmatic, and be critical of which approach you take to tackle a problem with your team. If you see or hear anything that is considered unwelcome at osoc (as described in the code of conduct), please let us know.

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