Being a coach at oSoc

As coach at osoc, you will make a real difference in a sector you care about. By guiding talented students you will not only practice your project coordination, supervision and team management skills but also develop an actual product for a real client, thus expanding your network across a multitude of open sectors. The next generation of technological ingenuity is in your hands!

Why participate as a coach?

🤔 Learning 👐 Sharing knowledge 👏 Creating something useful ⚡ Energy 🥳 Networking 🙌 Giving back 🤟Fun
Having to guide others helps me make sense of how I do things myself.
Also, osoc takes me out of my daily work. There’s this big exiting deadline. There’s a ton of energy from all the students and coaches. And in this setting it doesn’t have to be perfect. We can fail. We can experiment and have fun. That makes it a great break from my real work. One month is a good time to make something new. Not too short, not too long. — Frederik Vincx