The Coaching Job

What is expected of a coach.

It’s rewarding to see I could actually help the students, and see them grow by my guidance. I loved exploring new tech, together with the students, and learning more about it. Getting to know all these talented students motivated me as well. It’s a wonderful network to be in. It was a wonderful experience to see I could actually help the students in a good way, and to see how much they learn in such a short amount of time. β€” Rutger Bevers

What will I be doing?

As coach you will be guiding a diverse team of students through the project development process. Your students have different skills and expertise, and each project is different. Your role is to facilitate interaction within your team and between your team and partners

  • Have discussions with your project partner to establish a clear vision of the specific open innovation project.

  • You will endorse the desired student roles (web development, design, business or communication) essential to turning the partners idea into real-world products and services.

  • You'll outline a plan for action to facilitate students' progress throughout the one-month project. You'll be providing structure and guidance for the students to help them flourish and do a good job.

  • In the end, your team will present the finished product to the partnering organisation and the wide public.

Experience in coaching and team-coordination are not required but considered an asset. What counts most is a positive mindset and the motivation to have an awesome summer!

Every coach has their own style. You're free to experiment β€” as long as you're motivating students to do their best, and keeping your client happy.

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