Day 1: Build, test, document + How to deploy

Show off what you've built to the client, learn, pivot, go!

This is an example of the remote edition fo 2020. Go to the website of your specific edition if you want to figure out what's happening now!

09:00 [all teams] Week Overview

Let's go over the week together

09:30 [team only] Build, test, document + invite people to the demo day

Build what you've defined. Go team!

Make sure possible prospects, friends and loved ones attend the remote edition Demo Day! Link will be shared.

10:00 or 11:00 [client and team] Client meetings

Depending on the team you are on, you will have a client meeting at 10:00 or 11:00.

The overview of the #osoc20 partner meetings, with a link to a room for each project:

If you need more meetings, you are free to book them with the team and client.

12:00 [coaches & student coaches only] Optional Fika

Talk about what's been going on your team; the good and the bad.

Tell us:

  • how are you doing as a person and as a coach?

  • What is not going well in the team?

  • What is going well in the team?

13:00 [team only] Build, test, document, ship

Build what you've defined. Go team!

Need help shipping? Please reach out to your coach and help channel!

How to conduct user interviews and tests: Conduct (Remote) Tests and Interviews with Real People

17:00 have a nice day 🥳

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