Pitch Content Tips


Tell us a story, take us on a journey. Grab our attention, slow down, ramp up the speed, build up – give us a plot twist. Build up so we want to find out more about your project.
💡 Don't be high-energy or low-energy all the time. People will lose their attention.
Grab attention – play with speed – build up to have them yearn for more.
Create momentum, make a connection. Tell us a story humans can relate to.

The Project

Help us understand why we should listen
What did you make? What problem are you solving? Why would it matter – to me?
Make a connection
Tell me a story that I can relate to.
Remember those moments where you stare at people while they’re talking and you’re nodding because they sound like it’s important – but you have no idea what they’re saying? This is what people like us sound like, 90% of the time. Make your audience understand.
You don’t need to sound smart, you need to make other people feel smart.
That's how you turn other people into advocates of your project.

The Structure

The Base

What is the project about? Who is the client? Who are you?
💡No need to stick to this order, find what feels good.
The Base

How to Explain Your Project

This will help us understand your project

Vision Problem Audience Strategy Goal
In order to… our product or service will solve… which is the problem of… by giving them… We will know if our product or service works, if we see…


Night-time Knitters
Mobile Ratchet Ticker (Mobiele Rateltikker)

You Can Do This

If you start on time, and work together with your team.