Day 2: Meet the Client + Prepare for Hackathon

Get all the information you can from your client, and decide on your battle plan for the hackathon!

This is an example of the remote edition fo 2020. Go to the website of your specific edition if you want to figure out what's happening now!

09:00 [team only breakout] Prepare first client meeting

Prepare for your first client meeting!

  • Present your team members (students and coaches)

  • Check if you understood all needs and goals (you can reuse the pitch you made on day 1)

  • List all the questions you have

  • Decide who does the talking

  • Decide who takes notes

Some tips and tricks can come in handy if you've never attended a client meeting before:

10:00 or 11:00 [client and team] Client meetings

Depending on the team you are on, you will have a client meeting at 10:00 or 11:00.

The overview of the #osoc20 partner meetings, with a link to a room for each project:

If you need more meetings, you are free to book them with the team and client.

12:00 [coaches & student coaches only] Optional Fika

Talk about what's been going on your team; the good and the bad – in the Fika voice channel <3

13:00 [team only breakout] Scope Your Hackathon Goal

Why we do hackathons

We do hackathons at the start of osoc to...

  • ...really get to know each other. It's your time to shine, show what you can do and see how your other team members can bring a project to the next level ✨

  • through a first cycle together; from defining what you're going to build, to building, to delivering a first valuable thing, which you will define during the scoping session.

  • ...make mistakes. Please make a lot of mistakes and learn, to do better in the next cycle 🔥

What happens during a scoping session

Decide with the team what you want to create during the hackathon. This depends on your project, team members and goals! There's a tutorial on how to do a scoping session.

For example:

  • Refine the story

  • Create your wireframes/mockups

  • A first prototype

  • Try out a new technology

  • ... Surprise us

Take the time you need, the team decides when they are to start hacking!

Oh and remember the rule of π (pi)... When doing an estimation of a task, let's say, for an hour, it's most likely to take about 3.14 times longer. Thank us later.

Need to get the creative juices flowing first? Do a brainstorm session first!

15:00 [team only breakout] Start Hackathon

Let's get started!

17:00 have a nice day 🥳

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