Day 3: Delivery Day

Deliver like a professional: a well-documented, stable project.

This is an example of the remote edition fo 2020. Go to the website of your specific edition if you want to figure out what's happening now!

09:00 [team only] Documentation, site, handover document, ...

Make sure you have everything in your team folder, described in the handover document.

How to deliver like a pro [tutorial]!

11:00 [coaches only] Coach retro

We would love to hear your feedback. If you really can't make it, we'll send the questions afterwards.

We meet via Zoom – as Discord cannot support sufficient people and some coaches cannot join Jitsi.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID and Password will be shared in advance.

13:00 [team only] Documentation, site, handover document, ... + Write client goodbye mail

Write a professional email to thank everyone, with a link to the deliverables folder, and deliver what you've made with the team!

16:00 [HARD DEADLINE] Send your handover mail to the client!

Check out how to deliver like a pro 😎

17:00 have a nice day 🥳

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