Depending on the edition, we will be remote or not remote, and it will be shown on the main website (


Depending on what you signed up for, you'll be participating half-time or full-time.

Full-time: we expect you to be available during the month of July, from Monday through Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00.

Half-time: make sure you make a deal with the other coach you're coaching with, or the student coach on your team, so the team always has someone around.

You can find the location and calendar on your the website for your country's edition.

Half-time or full-time?

Fulltime = 4 days per week Halftime = 2 days per week (you can also do half days, ... however you like)

The baseline is; a team of students should never be "alone". There should always be a (student) coach available that is up-to-date, and knows the partner they're working for.

A coach can choose to coach half- or full-time. A half-time coach should be paired with an other half-time coach or student coach — to make sure students have support when they need it.

Making it work

You might be there at the same time, or you might be switching tasks. The main idea is:

  • Keep your (student) coaches up-to-date about what happened, and make sure there's a hand-over when the other coach is not available (tasks, problems, progress). You can do it yourself, or delegate it to your students in a structured way

  • Maintain structure and quality for the team


The coaches set out the main structure.

  • Main point of contact for team

  • Provide structure (standups, brainstorms, scoping sessions)

  • Main client contact (on days they are present)

  • Take care of communication (or delegate to assistant coach when not present)

  • Be good to the buddy coach :-)

The Student Coaches

The student coach makes sure that when the coach isn't present, the team has someone to go to. Also, when there's a problem, you can ping-pong with your student coach (or the coach of the coaches, or other coaches) to figure out things. You can lean on each other, and learn from each other!

  • Take over tasks when coach is not present

  • Be a sounding board (and vice versa)

  • Provide expert advice from own field and skill set

What do I do when I'm ill?

It happens to the best of us. First of all, inform your organisation. They will make sure the word is out.

Can I work on other projects while coaching?

You're being paid full-time, or half-time — depending on what you signed up for — so we expect your undivided attention.

I really really really have to attend something...

Sometimes there's things more important than Open summer of code (yes, we find that hard to believe as well!). Please inform the organisation up front. We'll work something out. But we don't want your team to miss out on you for too long, they need you!

Salary & Reimbursements


Belgium You'll be making €40 an hour — but you'll be getting so much more!

Spain Because we're still in an early phase, you'll be volunteering for now — as you're investing in a future!

Personal expenses

We compensate all your public transports costs. You are free to come by car or book yourself a fancy hotel, but we don't reimburse those things.

Team expenses

There's a budget for each team every year, so you can dress up your booth at the demo day every year. We'll communicate about it at the start of Osoc.

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