Practical: When, where, how long, food

When & Where

In the month of July, from Monday through Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00 you'll be expected, fresh & clean, at the (home) office for that day.

You can find the location and calendar on the website for your country's edition.

How many days will I work?

We hire students that are eligible to work under a student contract for 15 full days (128 hours).


We give everyone a voucher you can spend on travelling by train. Students under 26 can use this voucher for a MoBIB pass. Students above 26 can use a 35 euro voucher to spend on their train.


Remote: We encourage you to take breaks and eat healthy (when you can)!

Live: Bring your own sandwiches or get a snack on the road to fill your tummies with; there will be shops in the neighbourhood!

I really really really have to attend something...

Sometimes there are things more important than open summer of code (yes, we find that hard to believe as well!). We'll work something out. But we don't want your team to miss out on you for too long — we've selected you for a reason, and we need you!

If you cannot work 8 hours during a certain day, you should mail at least 2 days in advance (cases of emergency excluded).

If you need to get your COVID-shot, we understand! Please tell us 2 days in advance.

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