Big Blue Button: Video Calls

If this guide does not help, please get in touch with Astrid or Miet. It's possible we need to provide a different solution for your team!

Enter the Room

When clicking the link, you'll see a landing page that requests you to enter your name. Click "Begin" to enter the room.

Mac users: make sure you allow Big Blue Button to see your video, audio and that you can share your screen!


Connect to the Audio

You can choose to listen only; or to connect your microphone. In meetings we recommend joining with your microphone (microfoon); for attending talks listening only is fine too.

While you wait, it connects to an echo test...

The echo test shows a thumb up and a thumb down. Speak or make a sound, and if the echo test works, you'll hear it back. Press thumbs up if it worked.

Disconnecting from Audio: disable sound and voice

If you don't want to hear anyone, and don't want people to hear you anymore – you can click "leave audio" (audio verlaten) in the bottom bar. This will disconnect your microphone and sound.

Getting your Audio back

Getting back in is easy; click the phone icon that says "deelnemen aan audio" in the bottom bar. This will allow you to get back to the echo test and connect to the audio.

Presenting Your Screen

Take the Presenter Role

To be able to share your screen, you need to take the presenter role first. Watch out, if someone else is sharing their screen – you'll take that away!

Share Your Screen

When you have the presenter role, you can now share your screen with the button "Deel uw scherm" below.

Resizing the Shared Screen

You can make shared presentations and shared screens bigger by dragging the screen right above the shared presentation or screen.


To turn on your camera, click the camera icon that says "webcam delen" in the bottom bar.

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