Deliver Like a Pro

We created osoc to give students and newly graduates a first relevant work experience. We'll help you with communicating and delivering like a pro.

You and your other team members will create a lot of valuable things for the client in these 4 weeks. It's important that they get to see it, use and reuse it (we are open!).

That's why you, as a student, are responsible to make sure you gather and communicate about this!

Most important

1. Make sure you ship something.

Make it something you'll be proud of, and you can show off in your portfolio 😎

2. Make sure your client can find & reuse that ship.

Gather everything, document it well and make sure they can find out about where to find everything (in the team's deliverables folder) via a handover email at the end of osoc.

3. Make the ship discoverable & traceable for interested audiences.

Make sure your project can survive on the internet, and you can refer to it in your portfolio. A link that can won't suddenly be taken down, like for instance on Github Pages, will help you here.

4. Support future teams by giving them the 411 in advance.

Giving someone the 411 means you give them all context and updates they need to hit the ground running; to make sure that they are as informed as possible. It definitely is possible your project returns next year.

So if you are working on a project that has been around the year before, make sure you get your hands on that information!

The checklist

Step 1: Go to your project page and find the link under "File Storage"

Step 2: Go to Deliverables

Step 3: Find the deliverables checklist

Step 4: Start checking boxes!

Some help

The Handover Dossier

Gather all the knowledge of the team’s project in this dossier. This will help the client understand what kind ship the team has built, how they got to that ship, and where to find everything.

Github Pages

The internet is volatile. Things disappear. Your effort should not. We want to make sure the project remains findable & traceable even after it’s removed from its domain name, and is still legible by people that don't want to dive in the code.

The Other Deliverables

Contacting press, user tests, .. Not everything has a guide. But we have many coaches, student coaches and even students to help out. Get in touch!

The Handover Email

Write a clear, professional email with a link to your deliverables at the end of open summer of code – and a kind goodbye.

We use the last week to get it done

Yes, it’s a lot. This is why we have the last week available to do that. our team is not just to “code”, “write”, “business”. They are here to learn to see the bigger picture, create a project, to grow. It’ll help them do that!

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