Being a student at osoc

Probably the best Summer job you'll ever have.

Why should I participate?

There are multiple reasons to participate. First of all, you can improve your skills under the supervision of several experienced coaches. Secondly, since you’ll be making a real product or service, it looks great on your resume and you’ll expand your network. Thirdly, you’ll surely make some new friends too. Sounds awesome, no?

Osoc taught me things about the professional area that no education institution can teach us.

— Anonymous survey result

Money isn't everything

Did you know, osoc is completely free? Even better, you are getting paid! Enhancing your skills, making new friends, cashing in some money and creating something valuable... Sounds like a good plan, right?

My second time osoc felt like coming home. Meeting people from last year, connecting with new interesting people. It's exciting to see how diverse oSoc is. — Sheila Decloedt

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