Kick-off day 1 (or chaos day)

Week 1 — Day 1

A more detailed agenda can be found on the website.

Belgium: Spain:

Who does what


  • Introduction

  • Paperwork (sign contracts, VDSC, hand out passes, etc.)

  • Rules/code of conduct

  • Explain practical and technological related aspects

    (communication, wi-fi, location, etc.)

  • Assemble teams

  • Hold workshop(s)

  • Have picture taken


  • Have students get to know each other & remember names

  • Guide teams

  • Assign budget to teams

  • Pitch projects

  • Have team create crest and team name for website

  • Have picture taken


  • Sign paperwork

  • Create crest and team name for website

  • Get briefed

  • Ask questions

  • Prepare meeting with partner

  • Have picture taken


Have delivered the briefing before hand, so the coaches and students can study it!

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