Pitch on Discord

How to pitch on Discord

Where to Pitch: on Discord

We will live stream the pitches on YouTube; live via Discord.

1. Pick your pitcher

Pick who will pitch first for your team! Don't worry, everybody that wants to, gets to pitch...

2. Prep your pitch

If you need any help, ask your colleagues on Discord in the #pitch channel in the category help.

3. At the start of the event, the first pitcher goes to the voice channel Waiting Room.

πŸ”‡Mute the osoc pitch stream on YouTube so we do not create a feedback loop!

πŸ”• Mute your notifications – so you're not getting disturbed.

4. You will be introduced to the Pitch arena (magically)

When the first pitcher is pitching, the second pitcher goes to the waiting room. Keep an eye on the sequence, don't miss a beat!

5. Turn on your camera

If you have a mac, make sure Discord has permission to your camera and your screen in your settings! Test this in advance. Go to the channel #practical-questions if you don't know how.

If you do not have a functional camera, don't worry, we'll figure out how to fix that later.

If you want to show us something, you can by showing us your screen. Pick a specific application to just show one app, and pick "screens" if you want to show multiple screens.

6. When you're done, disconnect and enjoy the rush πŸ”₯

7. Listen to your other colleagues

You can turn your livestream and notifications back on!

See your colleagues shine on our livestream and bring your enthusiasm to the chat on YouTube. No need to give feedback yet, just make sure they feel empowered to be there πŸ”₯ It takes some guts to go first.

Be nice, pay attention or else 😬!

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