How to select the right partners, coaches and students


  • Plan initial meetup to define project(s)

    • You can use a template with pre-defined questions. Contact us to get your hands on it!

  • Confirm projects (optional: invoice 50%)


  • Have an intake with potential coaches

  • Select coaches

    • Balance full and half-time

    • Balance skills (devs, designers, comms, ...)

    • Balance experience

      • Have first-timers participate as assistant coaches.

  • Brief first-time coaches


Availability means being there for key moments, when the team needs a coach. Depending on the size of the team and how hard the project is, a coach can handle one or two teams.

Big or hard projects

  • Scope Think a big or complicated web-application — or a medium project with a lot of students with different skills (for example hardware mixed with software or for instance exhaustive research / creativity required).

  • Size Usually has a lot of students (more than 8 team members)

  • Coach Needs a full-time coach, or two half-time coaches. This requires a lot of availability. A mini project on the side is possible but not required (for instance an easy website or a very experienced team with a student-coach).

Easy projects

  • Scope Think a website, maybe with an integration with a fixed design. A project that is well-defined or easy to scope along the way.

  • Size Minimum three students

  • Coach There is always a coach available to manage the smaller team and the client, but probably won't be occupied the entire time. It is possible that a coach (or two half-time coaches) is managing two small projects at the same time. The coach however, should be available for both teams to coach them whenever they need it — see "The job".


  • Select students (with coaches) based on CV and/or motivational letter

  • Call the ones you're uncertain of

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