The Partner's Job

What is expected of me as a client?

Your organisation will need to take some time to write a good briefing, and have some people available for meetings and feedback sessions during osoc. In some cases, questions will be asked via email.

How do I brief my team of students?

Before open summer of code, it's important to create a good briefing with what you expect of your team. The better the briefing, the less questions will pop up, the better the project.

In the briefing you will outline what kind of project your organisation envisions and what features and functions your end-product shall contain. Based on your layout, osoc mobilises the student profiles required to make this vision come to life.

In case you have a very defined project, a prioritised list of features will help the students to define and create something valuable for you. But, if you want the students to experiment, provide a good vision and mission to the students so they'll have a good sense of direction.

How do I provide feedback?

At the beginning of osoc, a representative of your organisation will present your organisation and project briefing to the students. From then on you will meet with your team once a week to receive pitched progress updates and give feedback. The meetings will be arranged up front.

In those feedback sessions you'll provide feedback to make sure the students are going in the right direction (on development, design, product management, ...).

Preferably, we have a single point of contact that can make the decisions that need to be made during the development of the project. This person will brief the students at the beginning of the project, and will provide feedback in July.

What will be done with the work afterwards?

At the end of osoc, your project will be published under a free and open-source license, compatible with the Open Source Initiative and will be showcased at the osoc Demo Day, where students present the final product to you and the broad public. You will receive access to all documents, research, designs and code created at osoc, so that you can share it within your own or with other organisations.

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