Partner Communication

Partners meetings

Some partners might just become almost part of the team, while others will only meet 2 or 3 times.

We do have set days for client meetings. An example:

  • Every Tuesday, week 1 to 3

    • Week 1, Tuesday: briefing and questions

    • Week 2, Tuesday: presenting the result and findings from the hackathon

    • Week 3, Monday: presenting progress

  • The Demo day

    • See the end result!

  • If you need more meetings, feel free to plan them!

Communicating with partners

Apart from the meeting days (see previous topic), it's a good idea to keep the partner up-to-date. A partner in the dark can be a worried one.

  • You can email them the report of the meeting, to follow up

  • Email them progress every week, maybe with some questions (you decide the pace)

  • Email them before or after the demo day with the delivery document and relevant delivery information

Depending on your team, you can send out the email, or you can have the team send out te email. Set up a google doc, so everyone can read and comment, and then let a student send it from the entire team.

Partners on your Discord channel

Only make partners join the Discord if this is really needed, if they want to and if you feel the students are comfortable with that.

When your partner does join your Discord channel, it's recommended to create a separate room without your partner. This way you can discuss things internally when needed.

Do inform the coordinators of this decision up front, so we don't have any surprises.

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