The Student Job

What will you be doing as a student.

What kind of project can I expect to work on?

All projects at osoc are being built open source and aim to create real-world impact. Over the last few years, students have got the opportunity to work on open innovation projects in different fields such as mobility, education, health, sports and biodiversity. Check out last year's edition of Belgium to see what kind of projects have been built by osoc students at the latest edition.

You can tell us what type of projects you're interested in. Your preference will be taken into account, but you might be working on a different challenge you had imagined. The organisation and coaches will pick your project for you, and you'll find out on the first day of osoc what you'll be doing. Exciting!

Team assembly

Your team will be assembled by the coaches according to the kind of people they need to build a successful project. We'll be matching devs, designers, marketers, researchers etc — so it'll be a very mixed team!

Who do I report to?

When it comes to the project, you'll always report to your coach(es), and if they are not available your student coaches. They'll go through the project scope with the team at the start osoc. Together with your coach, you'll define a backlog of things to do for the team. It'll be chopped up into smaller tasks so you can plan what you're doing in those 4 weeks. It's your job to keep your coach up to date of what you've been working on, what you're stuck with and what you're going to work on.

Coaches might give you the mandate to communicate to your client as well under their supervision — to keep your client happy and up to date .

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