You made it! This wiki is for #osoc22 participants only – no need to share this with anyone else ❤ It serves as a map through the 12th edition of open summer of code.

We want this to be the best summer job ever for you. And we'll do our utter best to make that happen. Visit our code of conduct to see what's at our core to make this happen – and what best practices we have, also for remote work.

"What project will I be building this year?"

Find your name on the Projects & Partners overview page and discover what you and your team will do by clicking the partner name. Get to know them on Discord!

Join us on Discord, and get to know everyone ❤

For this partly remote edition, we use Discord. Come say hi, we'd love to welcome you!

After you’ve created an account, please carefully read Miet's how-to-get-started message in the #welcome channel. All of you will be tagged in the specific Discord channel for your project.

Join our server: https://discord.gg/84U6yvvU 😘

Be there on Monday at 09:00 sharp

We will welcome you at the front door of the WTC III building between 08:30 and 09:00 on Monday 4 July. At 9:00 sharp we’ll start with our opening presentation.

The first day is mainly an introduction day to get to know your teammates, coach, project and other teams. Many of you are new to open summer of code and that makes it super exciting!

Look at the calendar to discover what we'll be doing in the coming weeks.

What do I do when I'm ill?

Stay home. It happens to the best of us. First of all, inform your coach(es). The coach will make sure the word is out and. Once you've recovered, please send a sick note to info@osoc.be.

COVID-19 regulations

If you test positive for COVID-19, follow Belgian regulations (7 days of quarantine).

At time of writing, they allow gatherings, but still encourage working from home. You are not required to wear a mask, but it is recommended when it gets crowded. We will make sure the offices are ventilated.

This is why we have a blended edition, where we see each other on important moments but work from home whenever we can. If you're in quarantine but not ill, we make sure you can follow along from home.

Invite Your Friends to the Demo Day

Tell your friends and family to block their agenda on Thursday 28 July (13:00 to 16:00).

On the last day of #osoc22, we’re going to present our projects to the general public! Our Demo Day will take in Herman Teirlinck Building and online via live streaming. Everyone is welcome!

Got Lost, have Questions?

  • Team Questions – head over to projects and see what the name of your team is, where they hang out in Discord and ask your coach what's up!

  • Organisational and administrative questions, contact Lotte on Discord Lotte#8285, or mail info@osoc.be

  • Design, development, mapping, or other specific questions, go to the H E L P section in Discord & ask your question in one of the respective channels!

    • #design, #development, #mapping, ...

    • For specific design questions, contact Niels on Discord Niels#0264

    • For technical support while deploying, read this deployment support overview. Clément will help you here!

  • Coaching questions, go to the #coaches channel on Discord and ask Miet Miet#7556 or the #student-coaches channel on Discord and ask Anastasia anastasia.dv#9955.

🚧 This wiki is always under construction — if something is missing or wrong, please contact us at info@osoc.be; and we'll make sure to fix it. 🚧

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