Communications & Branding

Document a good time. Make osoc attractive to future students, partners and coaches!

Short Description

Make osoc and its partners ✨ shine ✨ ! Show potential future students, partners and coaches why they should participate in open summer of code. What the comms team is responsible for? 💪 You'll be doing internal communications, write project Highlights, take photos of all the teams and students, make buzz towards the outside world during #osoc22 (social media, blog, videos, photos), do the promo for the demo day. In addition to this, you are encouraged to rethink and set up a new branding strategy for open summer of code 2023 and think of new ways to promote osoc to participants (students, coaches, partners, sponsors) next year.


Your partner will give you a nice introduction as well on the first partner meeting!


  • About the partner Open summer of code is a 4-week summer programme during which innovative open source projects are made by incredibly motivated students, coaches & organisations.
    Osoc is powered by Open Knowledge Belgium, a non-profit supporting a world where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few. The osoc website The Open Knowledge Belgium webside The Open Knowledge international website
  • Style components FIGMA #osoc21
  • Partner package for 2022
  • Partner deck for 2022



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For collaboration & storing files. Add the root folder to your drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1D08v4bgtmXnukuTmZKsI7lpz3uWxLNW0?usp=sharing




Niels Dewelde


Lotte Goyens


Britt Vanzegbroeck (student coach) Guilherme Chuna

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Miet Claes


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