Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur (ABB)

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Informing & involving citizens, organisations, companies and governments with Linked Open Data. With this project, we aim to increase the quality of data about municipal taxes and to open it up. ABB is harnessing a large amount of data, documents and other data points about small municipality taxes, we would like to assemble this data and develop a tool that provides information about it to citizens and government administrations.


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  • About the partner: ABB (the Agency for Domestic Governance) is an agency of the Flemish government that is responsible for policy on local governments, cities, equal opportunities, integration and civic integration, Brussels and the Flemish Periphery.

    ABB’s mission is to contribute to sustainable and democratic coexistence in diversity by connecting and strengthening citizens and governance and strongly believes that innovation and technology is key to accomplishing this mission.

    With the program Local Decisions as Linked Open Data (LBLOD) ABB already implemented innovative techniques in one of the core business: local decisions making. By applying the linked data-methods for structuring and publishing information, ABB makes sure that data is open so that people and (search) machines can consult it on the Internet.

  • Tooling open source tools to make it easy for users to structure the data ABB gitbook:

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Jodi Deloof


Meg Vandezande Niels Dewelde


Carlos Emiliano Ruiz Herrera (Student Coach) Julia van der Kris Griet Beyens Thu Pham Senne Bels Niamh Byl Lenny Bontenakel

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Aad Versteden


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