BOSA & iO Digital 4: Government Procedure Builder

Disrupting Government Services – Canaries in the Coalmine

Short Description

We want to develop an easy-to-use web tool for government administrators, with which they can design data-gathering flows for citizens (procedures). For example, a flow for requesting a new identity card.

They should be able to create, preview and publish these procedures, which can then be filled by citizens inside a new eGovernment app that is currently being built by BOSA & iO Digital: Digital Wallet.

The web tool should make it easier for adminstrators to digitize paper processes, and should as a result increase the availability of digital procedures for citizens (via Digital Wallet), which are easier to fill than paper forms, for example, by reusing citizen data.


Project template:

About the partners:


The Federal Public Service (FPS, in NL/FR: “Beleid en Ondersteuning; Policy and Support”: BOSA) assists the government and supports the federal organisations in various areas: IT, HR, organisational control and integrity policy, budget, accounting and public procurement contracts.

Especially relevant for this project is their aim to provide qualitative eGovernment support services.


iO Digital is working with BOSA to design and build an eGovernment app: Digital Wallet.

Your partners will give you a nice introduction as well on the first partner meeting!


Research & context

  • Our partners will demonstrate Digital Wallet

  • Our partners at iO Digital will share summarized research insights that demonstrate the need for the tool


  • Design tool: Figma.

    • A Figma file of Digital Wallet designs will be provided.

  • Style components: the design component library of Digital Wallet will be provided. Keep in mind that the tool we'll build is meant for use by government administrators, and Digital Wallet is meant for use by citizens. Consider BOSA's style guidelines too.


  • Languages and frameworks are free to choose

Use case examples

  • To get an idea of what kind of forms could be digitized by administrators, take a look at the OSLO-Step's Domain Model example. However, using that data model is not a necessity for this project.


Discord Channel


File storage

For collaboration & storing files. Add the root folder to your drive:




Thor Galle


Inti Valderas Caro


Cyrille Mathieu - full-stack developer & student coach

Joanna Kalisz - design

Nicolay Camacho - front-end developer

Aglim Benli - full-stack developer

Specific councillors

Sam Van Den Eynde (BOSA)

iO Digital counselors: Maxime Van der Aa (week 1), Tim Wouters (week 2-4)


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